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Webstream's Live Streaming Service includes end to end execution right from setting up the cameras to making arrangement of the audio inputs and outputs, our specialists onsite have a complete understanding of the webcast signal chain. Live event Streaming Services setup whether in a hotel or a hospital or an office cafeteria require meticulous provisioning of various audio and video elements with a trained team to operate them

We have teams across Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Philippines to handle all kinds of live streaming service requirements whatever be the nature of the venue. Our Engineers have executed events in closed indoors or open grounds, hotels or hospitals, auditoriums or race tracks.

Live Streaming broadcaster Services have become an integral part of most companies in the Asia Pacific and our teams are fully equipped to service the customers in this region.

Web Stream is one of key service providers in the Asia Pacific Region when it comes to Live Video Streaming Services in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Philippines the primary reason behind this is that most companies require a one stop shop service provider for all their live streaming needs without having to coordinate with multiple vendors.

Live Video Streaming Services at Webstream Singapore involve the following step by step methodology:

  • Assessment of the Customers Live Streaming Objectives.
  • Provisioning the Appropriate Solution as a Service.
  • Onsite Recce or Visit to the Venue from where the live streaming would be done.
  • Testing of the Internet Line at the Main Venue provided by a service provider or the customer.
  • Creating the main live streaming URL that includes registration page, high or low bandwidth selection page and the main interface page which would include a video & slide interface with Q&A, Polling & Resources Tab.
  • This URL is then communicated to the client which in turn is used by the clients to invite their attendees.
  • The Production team now gets ready to execute the event Onsite and reaches the venue at least 6 hours before the event start time.
  • The Setup is usually completed in 2 hours and a Live stream is triggered for testing of audio and video at the viewer end.
  • Post Event the project is edited and archived for a period of 1 year or lesser based on the directives of the client or company.
  • A Master CD of the webcast is produced and delivered to the client which is the offline version of the online live streaming event.

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